The Five Star Powerhouse Of The Everhot Range 

Everhot 160 Series Range Cookers

Our largest ever range cooker brings focal warmth to the grandest of kitchens and will satisfy the busiest and most ambitious of home cooks. The 160i is an awe-inspiring powerhouse of cooking versatility, featuring an industry leading number of options for cooking, baking and grilling. But its size doesn’t detract from its elegance.

The latest addition to our collection emulates the classic Everhot style combined with energy efficiency from British manufacturing.



Able to contend with big families, big appetites and even bigger entertaining, the Everhot 160i features four full ovens with two top grills with an easy-to-adjust control panel neatly hidden between a middle fifth door.

Never fear Christmas dinner preparation again. Sitting above the ovens, you will find our traditional double simmer and hot plates either side of a state-of -the-art, two-zone induction hob.

Single Piece Hob
Chrome Pack
20+ Colours To Choose From
Largest Model

complement your kitchen

All in all, capable of managing up to ten pots or pans on the go at once. Each of the ovens, hot plates and induction zones are temperature adjustable, reaching up to 250 degrees in the top ovens and housing 2 grills. 180 degrees in the lower ovens.

Giving you the capability to slow cook, simmer, bake and roast at the same time. 

The Everhot 160i is our biggest cooker yet, so it will demand space in your kitchen. In return you’ll be treated to a luxuriously grand focal point that brings warmth and culinary pleasure.

The Everhot 160i is an opulent, attention grabbing, centrepiece that brings warmth and style to your kitchen.